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Vecchio 04-12-14, 09:23   #1
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Data Registrazione: Sep 2010
LocalitÓ: Catania
Messaggi: 569
Post Changelog Stable - 0.51.125720

New Items:

Ghillie Suite (Hood, Bushrag, Top)

Ghillie Weapon Wrap

Jerry can

Military Tent

Human Flesh


Steyr Aug

MP133 with pistol grip

Burlap strips

New Mechanics:

Vehicles refueling

Prion Disease

New crafting recipes

Updated heat transfer

Watering plants

Abuse of vomiting to gain energy

Mending balaclavas

Splitting and combining netting

Splitting and combining burlap strips

Ammo box dragging on magazines

Combining and splitting worms

Breaking out of restraints fixes

Uncuffing using keys

Picking up mp133 from the ground

Rangefinder mechanics

Items are no longer pristine only

Skinning should now give pelts properly

V3S going uphill

V3S physics simulation

V3S damage to characters

V3S collisions

V3S fueling mechanic

Memory Leaks

And a lot more!

Known Issues:
Item locked in hands slot

Items can't be picked up sometimes

Left earpiece sound volume is lowered sometimes

Ghillie will probably react badly on chemlight, flare and other light sources

Some items will freeze in midair when you throw them multiple times in a row

Some items will visually duplicate themselves if used from the ground

"I link sono visualizzabili solo per gli utenti registrati." Registrati cliccando QUI.

"I link sono visualizzabili solo per gli utenti registrati." Registrati cliccando QUI.

... Firma: Work in progress!
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