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Vecchio 14-11-14, 03:30   #1
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Data Registrazione: May 2014
LocalitÓ: Ormea, Cn,
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Post sistema di spown dei loot...

girovagando nella rete ho trovato queste info x spiegare al meglio il sistema di loot...(almeno e come dovrebbe funzionare in teoria)

spero sappiate l'inglese... altrementi buon google translate...

What I found out through intensive testing is that the loot respawn system works as following:
The map is (still) divided into square regions. They are roughly 1030m x 1030m, but it's hard to measure exact. Starting at the exact same 0/0 coords as "I link sono visualizzabili solo per gli utenti registrati." Registrati cliccando QUI.
The buildings in the squares have a number of loot defined by how much server initialization (which still uses the old method) spawns there.
The server checks every ~10 seconds if the number of actual items in that square is equal or greater that the initial number. If it's less, new items spawn at any of the lootspots in that square (I suspect the whole reason of the grid is that the server doesn't need to check the whole map).
Issues with the system
Loot cycling is still possible.
Opening a can on the ground or eating/drinking directly from the ground can remove an "initial" spawnpoint in the grid. Not sure if this is automatically fixed by the cleanup or permanent.
If you pull loot directly into a container that is within a container you achieve weird results and duplicates after restart. These duplicates actually increase the amount a region spawns.
Loot won't ever spawn in certain areas. The server initialisation leads to a degree of imbalance.
Minor issues
Loot can get messed up if you throw items into the ground (complex geometry like weapons really like to go below the surface).
Loot can eventually spawn in inaccessible spaces.
Loot despawn
I don't know how the trash cleanup works, it's hard to monitor it, but player dropped loot is despawned with the second server restart it experiences. /u/andro_dawton told me containers (backpacks, first aid kids etc.) take ~36 hours (or 9 restarts) to despawn. Don't know how long it takes for tents to despawn.
I would guess a similar system is in place for all server spawned items, that they despawn after some server restarts.
Ps: Despawn of backpacks etc. may vary because of server crashes.
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Vecchio 14-11-14, 23:49   #2
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Data Registrazione: Sep 2010
LocalitÓ: Catania
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Grazie Elo.

Ma allo stato attuale, queste mi sembrano "considerazioni personali" di un player che si Ŕ fatto quattro conti. Credo che dovremo aspettarci un revamp quanto prima, Ŕ evidente che questo sistema fa acqua da tutti i buchi...

"I link sono visualizzabili solo per gli utenti registrati." Registrati cliccando QUI.

"I link sono visualizzabili solo per gli utenti registrati." Registrati cliccando QUI.

... Firma: Work in progress!
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Vecchio 15-11-14, 03:25   #3
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Ah...Yes. Pen is on The table?
Yes we can!
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